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Energy Asset Development, Management & Operations

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EmKey Energy

EmKey Energy, LLC is the holding company for EmKey Gathering, LLC and EmKey Gas Processing, LLC. EmKey Energy provides administrative functions for its subsidiaries and affiliates as well as project evaluation and consulting services for the entities.


Natural Gas Gathering

EmKey Gathering, LLC operates over 350 miles of high quality pipelines, and 6 compressor stations, in Northwestern Pennsylvania and Southwestern New York.


Natural Gas Processing

EmKey Gas Processing LLC owns a natural gas processing plant in Union City, Pennsylvania. Newly constructed in 2013, this site removes natural gas liquids such as propane, butane, and pentanes from the gas stream. With the addition of the Union City plant, EmKey can offer a complete midstream service package to upstream exploration and production companies. EmKey gas Processing can also offer high volume natural gas liquid storage to producers and distributors.


Landfill Gas to Energy

EmKey develops, owns, manages and operates renewable energy projects and associated assets. The management group works on all aspects of the development of renewable energy projects from conceptual review through permitting, engineering, construction, commissioning, and ongoing operations.

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